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‘Rumbaristas’ is the rather ‘caliente’ name of a bright collective consisting of musicians with Spanish, French and Belgian roots. They are formed by the Catalan rumba-player Willy Fuego, the French-Italian-Polish trumpet/accordionist Thomas Morzewski, along with the belgians Roel Poriau (percussion), Thomas De Smet (bass), rhythm kings of the crazy world collective Think of One. 


 ‘Rumbaristas’ stands for a balanced, lively and colourful mix of latin-american flavor, with a passion for Balkan melodies.

A feverish mix of cultures and genres with an undoubted passion for music.



// accordion & trumpet

'Don Tomasino' is known as composer of Orchestre International du Vetex and Don Tomasino. Talented to write brilliant and ear catching songs, his musical influences stretch from Italian over classical and Balkan music...


// guitar  & vocals

Willy Fuego is a bass and guitar player, producer and composer. Known as been member of bands like La Kinky Beat and Amparanoia, he also has his own project as Willy Fuego. Born in Barcelona, this 'Catalan Morissey' composes nostalgic and romantic rumba songs in a unique yet traditional way…


// drums & percussion

Roel Poriau is one of Belgian's finest, most colourful drummers. He was one of the founders of Think of One and is currently producing several world music artists in his Porino Recording Studios (Antwerpen)


// bass & vocals

Tomas De Smet, former component of the worldwide famous band Think of One. Besides other projects like King Dalton. he collaborates with bands such as Zita Swoon, Laïs, or more recently Gabriel Rios

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